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Fix Errors with wireless connection and cloud printing

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Posted on: 07/28/18

Wireless connection lets you print from anywhere with the help of a wireless network connection. Similarly, cloud print enables you to print from anywhere if your printer is connected to a network and you are logged into your Google account. Sometimes it can be complex to use these services due to the complexities involved such as the requirement of an internet connection, account setup, printer sharing etc. If you are searching for any support for such services, you can contact us at HP printer customer care.


Some of the possible issues with wireless connection and their solutions are:

  • When you connect your printer using a wireless connection, the issues can arise with the wireless router. You can try restarting the router. Along with it, restart your computer and printer and then connect them again.

  • Check if your computer and the printer are connected to the same network. You should be aware of the network name and its password. If you have recently changed the password for your network or you have changed the settings of your wireless printer, reconnect the printer with the new password or settings.

  • Make sure you have installed the correct updated driver for your printer, in the absence of which you might not be able to avail the facility of your wireless printer.

  • If you have recently installed an antivirus or firewall for your device, disable it and then retry to establish a connection between printer and computer.

For issues with cloud printing, you can make use of the following tips:

  • Check all the basic steps of troubleshooting first such as:

  1. Switch off and then turn it on.

  2. Check if there is any paper stuck in the tray.

  3. Check if the printer is properly connected to the printer.

  4. Make sure you have made all the necessary updates.

  • Check how the printer and cloud print is connected. You can try assigning a static IP address instead of a dynamic one. This will solve the cloud print issues by making it easier to change the printerís administrative settings when required.

  • Make sure you have connected your printer to the cloud print service. Login to the printerís IP address and then register your printer with the cloud print service.

  • Check if the antivirus or firewall you are using allows access to the cloud print service. If not, you are required to change the firewall settings and allow the access for your printer to use cloud print.

If you are able to solve your using these tips, then you can continue using the service. However, if still, you are facing issues with the wireless connection or cloud printing, get required help to fix all the errors with wireless connection for your printer or for issues with cloud printing at HP Customer Service Phone Number.

For all the HP printer related issues like paper jams, driver installation, stuck printing queues, configuration settings, we have a one-stop technical support so that you can get the best solution for the issues instantly and that too at one platform.

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Thanks for sharing the valuable information.Your blog was very helpful and efficient For Me.if you are facing any problems with HP then Please Contact HP Customer Support Number +1-800-329-1074.
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